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The Mission of The PEACE Fund & Why We Matter

For those of you unaware of the mission of The PEACE Fund, founder Adrian Paul talks about the organization's hopes, dreams and goals along with what he's experienced and seen, and why The PEACE Fund means so much to him.




The Peace Fund Helps Bring Clean Water to Niger.



PEACE FUND RADIO | March 2, 2016

PF Radio 3-2-2016 Peace Fund Talk Radio

Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier and highlight how Hope for Henry, Tiny Superheroes, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and The Dream Factory fulfill the wishes that bring hope, happiness, and empowerment to hospitalized children and their families!

We also remember the late, great Lenny Robinson, a real-life Bruce Wayne who used his fortune to visit and inspire hospitalized kids as the "Baltimore Batman."

And in our Hero of the Week segment, learn how Thailand's Yada Pruksachatkun turned an impromptu summer day dance class into an ongoing Light Footsteps Initiative to match children in hospitals with mentors who help them bring their hobbies and interests to life!



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The Platinum Rewards scheme
Platinum Rewards card

And when you apply for and use your new PEACE Fund Visa Platinum Rewards Card, THE BANK WILL DONATE $50 and a percentage of all your future purchases will go to The PEACE Fund.



Make a Donation

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Our Peace Fund Helping Hand initiative provides specific assistance to achild facing insurmountable obstacles in their lives. Our Board will researches each case for legitimacy, allocates the appropriate aid, and then brings you updates on the child’s progress and success. We hope this will allow those of you, who have asked how to help, become part of our growing supporters, donating a small amount to help a child in need each month.


To donate is simple:

Join our supports wall, specially created for each of our recipients.




Our Helping Hand goes out to 13-year old WILL, who has suffered from seizures since he was 9 months old. Will is still taking 5 anti-seizure medications twice every day and continues to have several seizures every week. Will is non-verbal and has Ataxia. After a few Horse Therapy sessions, Will seemed more focused after riding and even showed a little improvement in his walking and flexibility. But the cost made it difficult for the family to continue. With a little support from our donors, you can help sponsor a session. Read Will's story and lend a “helping hand”.

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